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Find Idaho Falls Attorney and LawyerDivorce brings closure and legal dissolution of a marriage.

Prior to the court returning you to the status of a single person, you are not free to remarry, even if you are living separately.

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Child Support

Find Idaho Falls Attorney and Lawyer In many cases divorce can involve a great deal of anguish and suffering.

While obviously the concerned partners or parents may face enormous emotional trauma trying to part ways, where children are concerned, they can suffer more than anyone.

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Find Idaho Falls Attorney and LawyerQuestions of maternity rarely arise, however many times paternity is not readily presumed.

Where paternity is challenged, it must be established by evidence the courts deem competent.

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Find Idaho Falls Attorney and LawyerRegardless of the reason, if you have chosen to adopt a child unrelated to you or your spouse the process of adoption can be overwhelming.

A child can be born to anyone. However, if you are adopting, you may find the process rigorous and feel scrutinized

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Find Idaho Falls Attorney and LawyerAlimony, now known as spousal support, was once a given; now it is less prevalent, as each spouse is presumed to be able to support themselves.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the amount which a spouse has to pay and a court will look at several factors when deciding on what is equitable.

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Custody of Children

Find Idaho Falls Attorney and LawyerOne of the most painful aspects of a divorce is the fight for the custody of the children from the marriage.

There are two types of custody that the court will address in your custody petition. The first is legal custody which includes your right as a parent to make decisions for your child. This includes anything from which school is appropriate for your child or health care provider to use. This is often shared and requires both parents to communicate and work together to make such decisions.

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Find Idaho Falls Attorney and LawyerPeople often get confused between Divorce and Annulment, mixing up one with the other.

Divorce is a process which brings a valid marriage to an end whereas an annulment is a decree which pronounces that a marriage was invalid from the beginning.

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